Thursday, February 18, 2016

“Deadpool” – You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Laugh Some More Then Wish You Hadn’t Bought That Large Drink

The wait is over, Deadpool fans (sorry, we don’t have a cutsie name like Trekkies or Bronies) the long anticipated movie is here and it’s an absolute comic thrill ride with that friend at the wheel your parent’s probably wouldn’t want you hanging around with! Not as grand in scope or as self-important as other Marvel multi-verse productions, “Deadpool” undeniably provides all the fun and twice the blood of traditional superhero fare.

This film is a nonlinear tale, told by a smart ass, full of sound and fury and signifying high-spirited carnage for your viewing pleasure. The origin story flashbacks are engaging as we meet merc with a mouth and a heart of gold, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), just as he diagnosed with terminal cancer. This prognosis promises to cut short his blossoming romance with the recently discovered love of his life Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Brown Coats (fans of the TV series Firefly - Hm, Red Coats? Meh…) will almost certainly flock to this film to just to see the lovely and genuinely talented Morena Baccarin do a nude sex scene; granted it was brief and possibly a body double, but it is there. Back to the synopsis: Wade opts for a mutant cure that not only disfigures him horribly – well, not horribly I’ve seen worse done to people’s faces by acne and poor life choices – but grants him incredible healing powers. None of this will be news to Deadpool fans (Deadheads? Rats, taken.) of course, I’m just bringing other readers up to speed. After embracing his new found ability, Wade as Deadpool goes on a mission to find the man who made him a freak, Francis a.k.a. mutant villain Ajax (Ed Skrien). Along the way he brings in help from the two X-Men this film could afford: CGI strongman Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) and strangely adorable emo-girl, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). Between intense action where people actually get hurt and bleed and die, and almost non-stop wisecracks, “Deadpool” as a film is about as much fun as is legally allowed in public.

The mean streets foul language of this adults-only comic book hero, and his penchant for graphic bloodshed, of course garnered this film an R-rating. Most likely Marvel’s superhero A-Listers stayed away due to this dreaded not-tweenager-friendly branding. Naturally, without that lucrative market, Fox hedged its bets and bestowed this project a relatively paltry $58M budget. No worries though, Wolverine, Tony Stark and Fox Board Members, after a record breaking opening weekend, this investment paid off in spades and the “R” rating was not the taboo kiss of death feared. As a fan I was VERY satisfied, and I’ll do more than forgive the absence of any other Marvel mutants or high-dollar avenging hero-types: I’ll applaud it! Giving Deadpool his own moment to shine did the character justice and his fans a treat. (Deadpoolers? Poolies? Nah…)

As always with Marvel films, there is a teaser scene after the credits... In full keeping with “Deadpool”’s retro pop culture references and soundtrack, this post-credits teaser is a throwback that might go over the heads of some of the younger folks, however a sequel hint is dropped. IMHO - I have little doubt that there will be more blood, more mirth and a Deadpool #2, maybe even a one-off Holiday Special! 

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